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process bioproducts into ethanol.

Audit & Studies

We provide technical advisory services in order to improve productivity and economics, wether a single process unit is concerned or an entire production line/plant. We study your process data to find the best solution to fit your production objectives.

We can supply complete studies  at any stage of the project: conceptual phase, FEED, basic, detailed engineering, during lifecycle, for revamp/ retrofit purposes.

As the demand to lower energy costs and environment respect increases, INTERIS proposes energy audits. We help our customers optomize each aspect of their energy spending by studying the overall plant operations and delivering detailed diagnosis related to thermal optimization, energy coupling, effluents valorization, water recycling and gases recovery. As energy costs continue to rise, this is becoming a growing service within our company.

Revamps & Retrofit

Monitoring of process units operations may lead to retrofitting or revamping needs. INTERIS has full capacity to provide customers with new or updated parts to an existing unit/plant disrupting operations as little as possible. It is an essential step to ensure optimal operation of the plant.

Benefits of revamps & retrofits are numerous:

  • Decrease CAPEX while benefiting from new technologies
  • Improve the raw material conversion yield
  • Optimize the energy requirements/consumptions
  • Upgrade the quality of final product 
  • Optimize existing plant units
  • Adapt the plant to new or changed products
  • Increase life cycle time
  • Decrease number of equipment 
  • Reduce maintenance costs and increased reliability 
  • Enhance reliability

As process experts, we can provide revamps & retrofits services, to our own process units or other suppliers ones.


We assist our customers during unit start-up and commissioning but also after, through assistance services and trainings. Our experts are here to help you !

INTERIS as part of a specific contract, may also organize a close supervision of operating conditions with the aim of anticipating maintenance work and react, as fast as possible, when arise a need for spares or repair.

As part of this customers service philosophy, we can handle spare parts orders and supply worldwide with manufacture warranty and reduced delivery times.

One of our key values is to create long term relationships with our customers. What we want is to be there when project’s first discussions start and to support it as long as necessary.