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Bioethanol plant in Teofipol for Teofipolskey in Ukraine

For INTERIS, year 2020 finished with the successful commissioning of a bioethanol plant from corn in Teofipol, Ukraine for which INTERIS supplied the distillation and dehydration units.
The project was developed for the company Teofipolskey Sugar Mill in cooperation with UTK, INTERIS partner in Ukraine. INTERIS part consisted in the design and equipment supply for the distillation and dehydration units. The commissioning started with a first phase of pre-commissioning in November. The team successfully started- up the facility on product in December.
Run tests with product have been successful and bioethanol quality in accordance with the EU standards has been reached with an alcohol grade higher than 99,9% vol.
The Client team has been trained by INTERIS during the start-up and can evolve now in total autonomy.
The start-up was held in a fruitful cooperative spirit and the INTERIS team thanks client’s and UTK’s team for their cooperation.
INTERIS objective has been achieved: distillation and dehydration units are running in full automatic mode, all parameters are adjusted and production is perfectly steady! We can move with confidence to 2021!