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INTERIS gets the 2023 “Tiers Responsable Bronze” medal from Provigis

INTERIS gets the 2023 Bronze Medal Certification from Provigis INTERIS gets the « Tiers Responsable Bronze » medal as well as the certificate, which attest with the compliance of the legal file (Art. D8222-5 of the Labor Code) on the official documents of company registration and regularity of social security contributions. Seeing our certification : Provigis Medal...
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INTERIS contributed to the success of Hunza Sugar Mills.

Let’s give the word to Muhammad Usman, General Manager of Hunza Sugar Mills (Pvt.) Ltd. Distillery Unit, to express his satisfaction. ” INTERIS offers an outstanding engineering design overall (Distillation, Rectification and Dehydration). A proficient system offering flawless heat recovery and energy optimization technology without obvious heat losses. Based on my vast hands-on experience on...
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KASAPREKO’s new rectification unit to produce high quality ENA in Tema, Ghana

New rectification unit to produce high quality ENA from phlegm in Ghana INTERIS is glad to announce its collaboration with the Ghanean company Kasapreko specialized in nonalcoholic and alcoholic beverages especially its famous “Alomo Bitter” INTERIS will deliver to Kasapreko a rectification unit located in TEMA port, to produce high quality ENA from phlegm. This...
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DVB (Distillerie Vinicole du Blayais) : Commissioning of the 2G bioethanol fuel unit

New 2G bioethanol plant successfully commissioned INTERIS is pleased to announce the successful commissioning of the bioethanol unit of its customer DVB (Distillerie Vinicole du Blayais). The unit produces bioethanol from grape marcs alcohols which are concentrated in methanol (wine alcohol). Bioethanol quality meets the European standard EN 15376. This bioethanol is considered to be...
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WORLD ETHANOL & BIOFUELS 2021 conference from 8 to 10 November 2021 in Brussels, Belgium

INTERIS participated and the World Ethanol & Biofuels 2021 from 8 to 10 November 2021 in Brussels. The World Ethanol & Biofuels is considered the #1 global ethanol and biofuels industry event. Connecting with ethanol and biofuels stakeholders from around the world. Click here to join this event
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PLANT BASED SUMMIT conference and exhibition for September 22 to 24 / 2021 in Reims, France

INTERIS participated and exposed at the Plant Based Summit 2021 conference in Reims, France the 22 to 24 September 2021.The conference is mainly about Bio-based products development, technologies and economy in this dynamic market. This event gave you the possibility to join us in our stand and find out our diverse services and products related...
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NCP Alcohols revamped dual molasses & corn ethanol – potable ENA plant in Durban, South-Africa

A new start for NCP Alcohols. The INTERIS team is currently in Durban, South-Africa, for the commissioning of the revamped facility of NCP alcohols. INTERIS was selected by NCP, which belongs to the ALCO group, as the technology provider for the conversion of its ethanol plant from molasses into a dual molasses/corn ethanol plant. The...
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TEREOS Morains new distillation column and study design & supply in France

TEREOS Morains new distillation column and study design & supply in France A new achievement for INTERIS which is supporting its client TEREOS (MORAINS) with the design andsupply of a new distillation column and the study of its integration into the existing plant.The lifting of the column went perfectly, successful installation!The piping work is now...
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Bioethanol plant in Teofipol for Teofipolskey in Ukraine

For INTERIS, year 2020 finished with the successful commissioning of a bioethanol plant from corn in Teofipol, Ukraine for which INTERIS supplied the distillation and dehydration units.The project was developed for the company Teofipolskey Sugar Mill in cooperation with UTK, INTERIS partner in Ukraine. INTERIS part consisted in the design and equipment supply for the...
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