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process bioproducts into ethanol.

INTERIS contributed to the success of Hunza Sugar Mills.

Let’s give the word to Muhammad Usman, General Manager of Hunza Sugar Mills (Pvt.) Ltd. Distillery Unit, to express his satisfaction.

” INTERIS offers an outstanding engineering design overall (Distillation, Rectification and Dehydration). A proficient system offering flawless heat recovery and energy optimization technology without obvious heat losses.

Based on my vast hands-on experience on various distillation technologies such as Indian, Chinese, German, US and French, French Technology by INTERIS offers unique features of its plant design in terms of exceptionally high quality production of ENA and ENA Anhydrous.

Based on the nature, boiling points of the separable components, the distillation column designs are such that a perfect liquid-vapour equilibrium is established with proper reflux ratios maintaining smooth premium quality production of ENA and ENA anhydrous.

Last but not the least, INTERIS builts up a close working relationship with its customers even after completion of the projects.”

General Manager

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